Research Team

Current Research Associates

Current PhD students

PhD Student 1 Machine Intelligence for Image Super-Resolution
PhD Student 2 Machine Intelligence for Beyond Visual Line of Sight UAV Navigation
PhD Student 3 Machine Intelligence for Biological Image Analysis
PhD Student 4 Machine Intelligence for Visual Quailty Evaluation
PhD Student 5 Robust Machine Intelligence
PhD Student 6 Machine Intelligence for fake visul media detection

Current MPhil Students

Past Research Associates

RA 3 2016-2017: Rolls Royce/AMRC MATRIX project and Viridor sensing for recycling project
RA 2 2013-2015: CiT Digital KTP Associate on Content-based descriptions for online image catalogues
RA 1 2011-2013: Persistent and Robust Tracking of Entertainment Content (PARTEC)

Past PhD students

PhD 11 2020 - Graph spectral domain data hiding. Download
PhD 10 2020 - Privacy aware human action recognition: an exploration of temporal salience modelling and neuromorphic vision sensing. Download
PhD 9 2019 - Graph Spectral Feature Learning for Shape Representation. Download
PhD 8 2018 - Quantitative Electron Energy-loss Spectrum Data Processing for Hyperspectral Imaging in Analytical Transmission Electron Microscopy. (As the second supervisor) Download
PhD 7 2017 - Video-based Estimation of Activity Level for Assisted Living. Download
PhD 6 2017 - High Dynamic Range Visual Content Compression. Download
PhD 5 2016 - Compressed Sensing For Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data. Download
PhD 4 2016 - High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) tools for next generation video content. Download
PhD 3 2014 - Attention Driven Solutions for Robust Digital Watermarking Within Visual Media. Download
PhD 2 2011 - Content scalability in multiple description video coding. Download
PhD 1 2011 - Robust watermarking for scalable coded video. Download

Past MPhil students

MPhil 2 2018 -Visual Saliency Estimation Via HEVC Bitstream Analysis Download
MPhil 1 2015 - Compressed Domain Low Level Visual Descriptors. Download

Past research interns

PRI 1 2017 - Visual saliency modelling for archeological footages.
(Fuunded by SURE 2016)
PRI 2 2009 - Rate distortion analysis for compressive sampling.
(Funded by Nuffield Foundation and CILASS SURE)
PRI 3 2007 - Compressive samling of dense motion fields.
(Funded by Nuffield Foundation)